Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Hello Everyone!

Hi everyone!

My (nick)name is Mic, I am a student and in part of my spare time I enjoy learning programming languanges and practicing my programming knowledge. I have decided to open this blog because no one that I know (or heard of, or that is known to my friends :-)) has the same passion/hobby and therefore I cannot find anyone to share my projects, small programs or views on programming topics with, and last but of course not least, anyone who could point at my programming errors or bad organised code or whatever wrong and clumsy there might be and share their constructive views, opinions and information.

I feel like I have to make some premises:

1. I am not a professional programmer nor a computer science student, I am just a free time programmer who loves technology and sciences, therefore I might as well be doing tons of errors in my code, and most likely not using the appropriate terminology. I apologize for that, I hope this blog and the interaction with the internet community will help me to improve on this point. I might as well not be following the programmer’s best practices, please let me know if you should spot something like this in my code. Hopefully, the quality of my posts will improve over time.

2. The code, pieces of code which I am going to post might have bugs! As the programs I develop grow in the number of functions used and deepness of the code, the more the bugs become difficult to spot and fix. I usually check my code many times before publishing, mainly because I would like it to work as a first step and then perhaps I will publish it. Not every piece of code I write is going to be shared of course.

3. I mostly program in Python, Java and R. I usually use R for data analysis and simulations (as it should be I guess), while Python and Java for more interactive and complex stuff. I also got to learn about C++ whose syntax is similar to the one used in Java.

4. The programs I might post are entirely made by me and by my imagination or simulation of well known games or algorithms. Every reference that might occur is not intended and will be removed if I am asked to do so. I am not responsible for any kind of use people might do with my code. The sole purpose of this blog is educational and the sharing of views, opinions, tips, information among beginner users. Check the disclaimer for more information.


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