Sunday, 27 July 2014

First project: a (very) simple database management software.

Hi to everyone! Today I am going to upload a project I have recently developed to enhance my coding skills. The project is a simple database management software.

It is build using Python and the following modules:
-sqlite3 module for the database. I wanted to use the mysql module however there is still no version of this module available for Python 3. Anyway sqlite3 is a very light and fast module. It is pretty simple too.
-The GUI has been coded using tkinter. I do not know if tkinter is the best option but it is the first module for GUIs that I started learning and so far so good. It works good!

As of now, the software lets you do the following:
-Create a database
-Create and delete as many tables as you want (though only 3 fields are allowed as for now). You can create tables with up to 3 fields.
-Add and delete records
-Display records, all records or records according to defined criteria.
-Display available tables and table structure

Check the help section for allowed type of data. You can download the program from here:

The source code sure has some redundancies which can be deleted. Please if you have some suggestion that would make the code work and or look better or be more manageable please leave a comment or let me now.

Here are some screenshots:



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