Sunday, 27 July 2014

A simple roulette game simulator created with Python

Another project! This is one of the first game simulator I have tried to develop with Python. It’s basically a roulette simulator and has all the features a roulette should has, I guess!

Some notes:
-The roulette has only one zero (no double zero)
-Payoff are the same as a real roulette (no real money is involved, of course!)
-Outcomes should be uniformly distributed
-The graphics is not the best due to the fact that I used Easygui. Perhaps in the future I will implement the game with tkinter.

Here are the modules used:
-Random. The random module is necessary to simulate the random spin of the roulette.
-Easygui for the graphics. Easygui is a very simple module for user-interaction. I believe it is built on tkinter but has way less features. If you are new to GUI programming in Python I suggest starting with either tkinter or wxPython but not Easygui. Easygui is easier but not that useful nor customizable. On the contrary, the other two modules are harder to use for a new programmer but way more customizable and “complete”. Also the playability is somewhat ruined by the appearing and disappearing windows by Easygui.

You can download the source code here. Only to be run with Python.

Here are some screenshots.



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