Old beginner projects

Old Python and Java projects

Since one of the main purposes of this blog is to share my projects, as soon as I complete one I am going to post it online.

The projects below are the outcome of me experimenting programming languages in my early days of programming (this is a nice way to say they might contain some bugs! :) ).

I would consider as interesting projects only number 4,5 and 7, while the others are mostly tests. I'm very happy about project 4: it works quite well and I have been able to use it successfully to integrate Python and Arduino: as an example, check this post on measuring the friction coefficient of a flat surface with Arduino!
  • Project n. 1. Simple database management software: click here.
  • Project n. 2. Simple roulette game simulator: click here. 
  • Project n. 3. Simple BlackJack game simulator: click here. 
  • Project n. 4. A class to communicate with Arduino Uno through Python 3: click here. 
  • Project n. 5. A GUI to communicate with Arduino Uno through USB port: click here. 
  • Project n. 6. A simple program to calculate LED lights savings: click here.
  • Project n. 7. A text editor written in Java: click here.
  • Project n. 8. An implementation of the Tic Tac Toe game: click here.

Old Excel spreadsheets

Here below you can find the download links of a few old templates I made with Excel.

Before discovering R and Python I relied heavily on Excel for my calculations and data analysis.
However, R and Python brought me into a new world, which made me leave Excel for more demanding computational purposes. Some of the reasons that made me switch  from Excel to R are listed in these two interesting articles which I suggest you to glance on:
Here are some old analysis templates I did that I find worth keeping. The numbers are made up just to have the template ready for use.