About me

Hi! My (nick)name is Mic!

I am a graduate electrical engineering student, I enjoy programming and blogging in part of my spare time. I also develop R packages.

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance with honors with a final thesis focused on the statistical tools known as Copulae which was definitely the spark of my interest in data science. Since at the time I was working in the renewable energy and LED light sectors, I decided to attend a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering to pair with my practical knowledge of these subjects. I also enjoy Physics very much, which plays a key role in all of this.

My main interests outside of electrical engineering:
  • Machine Learning, although I should say data science in general.
  • Programming languages: mainly Python and R, occasionally C++. I use Matlab and LabVIEW too.
  • DIY projects.
  • MotoGP.
  • Podcasts. I love listening to Hello Internet, Cortex and, of course, to the Amp Hour.

I started this blog to share my experiments, tutorials and projects since it makes no sense to leave all of them in a lost folder on my PC. I post online most of them.

If you would like to leave a comment, make suggestions or remarks, you are very welcome!

You can get in touch using the contact page or via Twitter.

Enjoy your reading and thanks for stepping by! ;)