Sunday, 26 July 2015

2D heat and wave equations on 3D graphs


While writing the scripts for the past articles I thought it might be fun to implement the 2D version of the heat and wave equations and then plot the results on a 3D graph.
As for the wave equation, Wolfram has a great page which describes the problem and explains the solution carefully describing each parameter. Here is a little animation I made using the solution they described

The code for this example is available to be downloaded here.
As far as the heat equation is concerned, I opted for a classical example where you have a hot spot in the middle of a square membrane and given an initial temperature, the heat will flow away as expected. Note that in the heat equation animation the colorbar does not change as time goes on. This can be edited by moving the colorbar into the animation function.

download the code for the heat equation.

On my youtube channel you can find many other animations of the wave equation.

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