Thursday, 11 December 2014

Java again, in English this time though! ;)

As i said earlier in my article in German, I studied Java only once in a while, since I had so many other things to do and study. Anyway here is another bit of code I’ve written in order to practice what I’ve learnt.

This script is a simple program to keep track of your inventory. Frankly speaking, an excel spreadsheet would have been faster and easier but where’s the fun in it? Occhiolino

There are three classes: the main class, the products class and the inventory class. In the products class lies all the code related to the object “product” while in the inventory class you can find all the code needed to run the inventory. Finally the main class executes the main program and (as it should be I guess).

For the sole purpose of exercising myself with Java, I tried to generate a inventory of food with three items. However you can easily add as many inventories as you like and figure out a way to speed up the process of adding items to each inventory.

Perhaps in the future I’ll add the option to print out a bar chart or something similar as soon as I have time to study Java. As for now, I find it quite interesting and demanding since it asks every time for the type of the data you are going to work with and the arrays are different from python’s lists. That can be a small issue for someone who got used to Python as myself. Furthermore Java libraries are hugely vast and that can be overwhelming at the beginning. Nonetheless I hope to get better at it soon! Sorriso

Here is the products class

public class Products 
private String name;
private int id;
private int quantity;
private double price;

//Constructor of the class
public Products(String name,int id, int quantity, double d)
{ = name; = id;
this.quantity = quantity;
this.price = d;

//Quantity setter and update method
public void changeQuantity(int q,String s)
this.quantity += q;
}else if(s.equals("subtract"))
this.quantity -= q;
System.out.println("Warehouse stock updated succesfully!");

//Price setter
public void changePrice(double p)
this.price = p;
System.out.println("Price changed succesfully!");

//Get all the info on the product
public void getInfoProduct()
System.out.println("As for product "" with id: ";
System.out.println("Quantity available: "+this.quantity);
System.out.println("Price "+this.price);
System.out.println("Total value in stock: " + this.getTotalValue());

//This function returns the total value of the stock for the product
public double getTotalValue()
double totalValue = this.price*this.quantity;
return totalValue;


The main class

public class mainClass 

public static void main(String[] args)
//we create the products
Products bread = new Products("Bread",0,10,0.5);
Products ooil = new Products("Olive oil",1,20,4.00);
Products oranges = new Products("Oranges",2,5,2.50);

//we create the inventory and add products to it
Inventory inventory1 = new Inventory("Inventory 1");

//We print info on the products

//And the total value of the inventory
System.out.println("\nTotal value of the inventory is "+inventory1.getInventoryValue());

Finally, the inventory class

//Dynamics arrays. I found them similar to those in Python
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

public class Inventory
private String name;
//Products[] productsInStock = new Products[]{};
List<Products> productsInStock = new ArrayList<Products>();
private int totalItems = 0;

//Constructor of the class
public Inventory(String name)
{ = name;

//Add a product object to the inventory array
public void addProduct(Products p)
this.totalItems += 1;
System.out.println("Product added to inventory "" succesfully!");

//Get the total value of the inventory
public double getInventoryValue()
double valueToReturn=0;
int lenAr = this.totalItems;
for(int i=0;i<lenAr;i++)
valueToReturn += this.productsInStock.get(i).getTotalValue();
return valueToReturn;

Here below is the output

Product added to inventory Inventory 1 succesfully!
Product added to inventory Inventory 1 succesfully!
Product added to inventory Inventory 1 succesfully!
As for product Bread with id: 0
Quantity available: 10
Price 0.5
Total value in stock: 5.0
As for product Olive oil with id: 1
Quantity available: 20
Price 4.0
Total value in stock: 80.0
As for product Oranges with id: 2
Quantity available: 5
Price 2.5
Total value in stock: 12.5

Total value of the inventory is 97.5

Hope this was interesting.

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