Saturday, 20 December 2014

Earth Moon system orbiting around the Sun and VPython

Hello everyone! A few days ago my friend, as a joke, bet me to reproduce the Moon orbiting around the Earth. Well, I was a little afraid the model could be a little slow using matplotlib and its animation functions. Fortunately I found out VPython, a great 3D package: click here to get to their homepage. VPython, in my opinion, provides one of the simplest yet most brilliant package for 3D graphics. It’s shockingly easy to learn: it took less than an hour for me to learn the basics and start doing something interesting. Furthermore if you’re used to vectors and working with them, VPython provides simple functions for vectors calculations.
Check the model below (Earth and Moon orbiting around the Sun). I also made a video:

Hope this was entertaining! Next comes the whole Solar System!

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