Friday, 15 August 2014

Arduino module GUI (Beta version)

Hi everyone! I have just completed a first, very basic GUI to get the Aduino module (which by the way you can find here) more user friendly.

The GUI is still a “Beta” version since I have created it with PyQt4 which I started learning only 3 days ago. I bet there are plenty of features which could be improved. I am probably going to revise and update this GUI, however here is a first “raw” version which, as far as the connection and communication with Arduino Uno is concerned, works fine.

This application is for educational purpose only, any commercial purpose is excluded.

You can download the executable for windows here. For Mac and Linux users, the source code is included in the zip folder however I am not sure the program will work since I have no experience with those operating system and their USB settings. Feedbacks are much appreciated.

Here are some screenshots and some useful information:

This is the main screen. The three buttons at the bottom essentially sum up everything that this program should help you doing.

Immagine 001

First of all, you need to connect Arduino Uno to the USB port and load your program in.
Then you can click on connection on your GUI and click “Set up connection”. The default port is com3 and 9600 baud. You can easily change these default settings in the connection menu available in the GUI.

Immagine 002

Once the connection has been established you can start interact with Arduino Uno.

By clicking on the button “Read from Arduino” the program asks you how many lines to read, there’s still no default values however I suggest to read not more than 100 lines since the program might slow down or crash.

Immagine 003

By clicking on the button “Send to Arduino”, the program asks you to enter the data to send. You can enter one of the three data types showed below in the following form:
1. Integer: 2
2. Character: b
3. List: [2,3,4,5,6,7,8]

The list can be as long as you want it to be.

Immagine 004

Hope this is useful.

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