LTspice circuits

In this page I decided to list some of the most basic LTspice simulations that an introductory university level electronics course may use. Physics courses students may benefit from this material as well, so here it is.

In order to download the schematics, just click on the circuit name. Some simulations may contain Python code with further useful calculations such as time constants and rise time.

Depending on what your objective is, you may need to tweak the circuits a little bit.

Time domain analysis


RLRC circuit (step response)


RL circuit (step response)

RLC circuit (step response)

Periodic (not sinusoidal)

Square wave

Sawtooth wave


RC low pass

Low pass RC filter
RC band pass
Band pass RC filter (with interference)
RC high pass

High pass RC filter


5:1 step down transformer

Full bridge rectifier

Astable multivibrator


Analog multiplier

I hope this circuits will be useful.